How to Make Rose Oil that Will Be Good For Your Hair and Skin


Next time you receieve a bouquet of roses from your loved ones, don’t throw it away when it starts to fade. Instead, use our amazing recipe (see below) to benefit from the petals of this romantic flower.


First, heat the water in a pot until it boils because you will need this to extract the essence of the rose petals. While the water is boiling, cut three or four rose stems with a pair of scissors (depending on how much you want to prepare). Then separate the rose petals from the flower and place them in a bowl. Cut the rose petals into pieces to ensure better separation. Pour the oil of your choice into one of the jars used to make jam. The size of the jars commonly used for jam is ideal for this mix. After pouring the oil to fill half of the jar, put the rose petals on it. After the jar is filled with rose petals and oil, mix it with a stick or spoon. After closing the lid of the jar, place it in the pot where you boiled water. Since the oil will be heated here, it will allow the rose petals to dissolve much faster. After the heat is effective all over the jar, take the jar out of the pot with the help of a cloth in order not to burn your hand. After that, all you need to do is wait for 24 hours. After the mixture has rested, it will be ready for use. If you want a longer use, you can add rose petals on the mixture again to also get a beautiful appearance.

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