Makeup Tricks That Most Women Don’t Know


Most women have problems with makeup but do not know how to overcome them. We will show you that you can do different make-ups with a few simple steps.

1. Prevent Lipstick From Getting On Your Teeth

After applying a layer of lipstick, you should apply the concealer along your lip line. Once you have done this, remove the excess layer of the concealer with the help of a make-up pad. You will get a pastel shade color and this will act as a protective layer between your lip and lipstick. After doing this, you can apply the color of lipstick you want and make your white teeth always look beautiful.

make-up tricks

2. Eyeshadow with Color Transition

Eye shadows created using a single color are no longer attractive. Instead, you can get a very beautiful look by combining the harmonious colors you have. What you need to do is divide your eyelids into three areas and apply different colors to each. Then, by mixing these colors with each other, you will get a beautiful eye shadow with color transitions.


3. How to Make a Ball of Lipstick

First of all, choose a lipstick that is in a bad condition and you can no longer use. In this way, you will be able to evaluate your material that has lost its function. What you will do next is find a round cup in which you can put lipstick. You can buy this online or if you have a suitable cup in your home, you can also evaluate it. In a bowl, mix the lipstick piece with the coconut oil and mint oil. These oils will help liquefy the lipstick. Then you need to fill this mixture into the first round cup and freeze it. Now your product is ready and you can use it happily.

Check out the video for more tricks:

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