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Martin Lewis fan saves £1,000 on car insurance with clever renewal trick

MoneySavingExpert recommends comparing prices exactly 23 days before your current policy expires, you could cut your price in half – we explain how to find the cheapest renewal quotes

Martin Lewis says 23 days is the ideal time to check car insurance prices

A Martin Lewis fan has explained how they saved nearly £1,000 on their car insurance by looking at new prices on a given day.

MoneySavingExpert recommends comparing prices 23 days before your current policy expires – saying that you can cut your price in half.

But by collecting auto insurance quotes from either side of this 23-day brand, you can also cut costs.

MSE had previously said 21 days was the best time to renew.

A reader, known only as Amanda, wrote on the money-saving website, explaining how this trick also allowed her to pay her car insurance in one go, saving her even more money.

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Car insurance can be expensive for drivers


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Auto insurance companies typically pay a premium if you want to pay off your policy in monthly installments.

Amanda said: “I read the tip about checking quotes a few weeks in advance – I got a quote for £600/year less than my renewal.

“And I’ve saved a total of £960 because I can now afford to pay all at once instead of monthly. Thank you.”

MoneySavingExpert’s research is based on comparison prices, rather than quotes from your existing insurance company.

The amount you can save will of course depend on your personal circumstances and whether you have filed a claim in the past year.

How to Compare Auto Insurance Prices

It is illegal to drive a vehicle on the road or in a public place without at least liability insurance.

If you’re caught without insurance, the police can give you a flat fine of £300 and six penalty points – and you can go to court.

If the case goes to court, you could face an unlimited fine and even a driving ban.

When it comes time to renew your existing insurance policy, you have two options: you can either stick with your current provider or shop around for a lower price.

You can use sites like Compare the Market and Go Compare to find the best prices by entering your car registration and your details.

Once you’ve found the cheapest deal, you can tell your current carrier and see if they can match it, or you can switch to the new policy.

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