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Scottish drivers pay up to £164 less on car insurance on average

Four Scottish cities have listed the ten cheapest places to insure a car in the UK.

According to Rivervale Leasing, Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh and Perth are among the cheapest places to get car insurance, all with an average price of less than £325 a year compared to the UK average of £465.

They compared 1,000 auto insurance quotes to see how much your zip code affects your policy and found that depending on where you live, your auto insurance policy can increase by up to 78%.

Fortunately, no Scottish towns or villages were on the list of the most expensive policies.

Drivers in Scotland can even take advantage of cheap premiums at some of the cheapest car insurance places in the UK.

Four areas make the list of cheapest places to insure a car

Aberdeen is generally the cheapest and is in 4th place as quotes are 35% cheaper than the average cost of insurance, saving up to £164.

Inverness follows with 5th place and savings of up to £162.

Edinburgh is in 7th place with a saving of £148 and Perth is in 9th place with a reduction in average price of £140.

The cheapest place for car insurance is Bangor, according to our research which found that drivers’ policies in the Welsh city were 41% cheaper than the normal insurance price in the UK.

With just €276 for an annual policy, you can save an average of €189 on your premium.

Londoners generally pay the most for car insurance, according to the study, and were followed by Manchester and Liverpool.

On average, quotes from the capital resulted in a massive 78% increase over the typical policy price.

That means you could pay up to £362 more than the average British driver – a shocking £827 in total – just by living in London.

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