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Why you should consider classic car restoration as an alternative investment | Driving | Motive

everyone at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show seemed to agree. The car just unveiled transcended the auto industry. It was more than a means of transportation. It was a work of art.

The launch of the Jaguar E-type has become folkloric, with tales of journalists falling over each other to see the thrill for themselves, and the last-minute nighttime sprint of a car from Coventry to Switzerland becoming legendary (Jaguar had only taken one model to Geneva. When they realized how high the demand was, they ordered another to drive through at night. It made the journey in an astonishing 11 hours, at an average speed of 110 mph). The E-Type redefined car design, Enzo Ferrari reportedly refers to the roadster version as “the most beautiful car in the world”.

This year marked the 60e anniversary of the quintessential British sports car, and thanks to specialist insurers and restorers such as Footman James and London-based Classic Investments, new generations of enthusiasts are discovering that the joy of owning goes far beyond the potential financial reward. Yes, thanks to the big profits in recent years, halo cars like the E-type have become profitable, but renovating, owning and driving a classic car offers the kind of fun you just don’t get from investing in stocks.

Recently restored by Classic Investments, this 1966 Jaguar E-Type was one of only 1,583 right-hand drive 4.2L coupes ever built

“It’s about giving a special car a second chance,” says Agris Alksnis, founder of Classic Investments, who advises his clients to invest with heart and mind. “Not every car deserves a second life, but the cars we restore are proven masterpieces of a certain era – an era defined by grace, impeccable design and incredible storytelling. You get to raise these treasures from the ashes.”

Classic Investments renovates classic cars to competition standard from its workshops in London. The company’s in-house team of craftsmen – including welding and body technicians, traditional panel beaters, paint specialists, coach cutters, mechanical technicians, chemists and electricians – work on every nut and bolt, performing full restoration work and subtle modernizations. All restorations are performed on site, including rechroming, reupholstering and restoring seats and interior trim.

Recently Classic Investments refurbished a 1966 Jaguar E-type, one of only 1,583 Series 1 4.2 right-hand drive coupes ever built. Bought new by a US Army sergeant serving in West Germany, it was wrecked in 1968 and then parked – meaning the 24,555 miles on the odometer is astonishingly accurate. After the work of Classic Investments, the car must be one of the most carefully finished E-Types in existence.

Unbelievable, the car has only 24,555 miles on the odometer

“This car was the essential time capsule project,” says Alksnis. “It was so well preserved that it had many parts and components in it that are normally replaced, fixed or simply absent from daily driving. Because we pay attention to all the little details to get the car to its authentic factory competition standard, having such a complete package is invaluable. There are plenty of components you can no longer buy – once they run out, they run out.”

“The Jaguar E-Type is a perennial favourite, and for good reason – it’s in our top 10 most insured models,” explains David Bond, Managing Director of Footman James. “It holds a special place in the hearts of many enthusiasts and so we know just how dedicated owners can be by talking to our customers.”

“The market for E-types will always be solid and stable, but for some, the true value may have been overlooked in recent years. However, we are seeing renewed interest and milestones such as the 60e anniversary of that famous debut have served to remember and cement its iconic status.”

Classic Investments equipped the car with a handmade suitcase set to match the new interior

Finished in contemporary opalescent gunmetal grey, with a red Italian leather interior, the car restored by Classic Investments succeeds in the difficult task of looking both cutting edge and staying true to the original vision of William Heynes, then Head of Design at Jaguar. “This is one of only six car designs recognized by the New York City Museum of Modern Art as a permanent addition to its collection,” explains Agris. “You can’t be heavy handed when it comes to working with these cars, and small mistakes can leave the finished project way off the shelf.”

In addition to restoration work, Classic Investments also manufactures custom luggage to match the cars it works on. Using traditional techniques and materials to create assembled or closed cases, the company creates contemporary pieces or vintage-inspired items that are indistinguishable from the original cases on which they are based.

Full Italian leather was used on the seats, door cards, trunk floor and dashboard

“It’s about providing a unique point of contact that helps you anticipate and appreciate the car before you even sit in it,” says Agris. “Pack a suitcase for a weekend away, and you’re already thinking about the ride ahead. Our cars are meant to be used, not just stored in a bubble – what could you enjoy? Yes, you invest, but who said you can’t have fun at the same time?”

Footman James includes many classic car properties, from covetable motorcycles to multi-car collections, million pounds and everything in between. This allows it to tailor its service to customers who want to make significant investments in classic vehicles, such as the E-type. “We make sure that our services meet customer needs, but our Private Clients team specializes in offering tailor-made insurance packages for prestigious vehicles, vehicle collections and even high-end homes,” explains Bond.

In addition to a fully rebuilt .20 piston engine, the restored E-Type has a new period-correct battery

“We currently underwrite £1.3 billion in our Private Clients team alone, and each Private Client has a dedicated account manager who can look after all needs over the life of a policy. Classic cars are our passion and it makes us happy that we can ensure that someone’s pride remains well protected under our care.”


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